Monday, October 26, 2009


Man oh man, do I love this video or what? It's not often that a piece of machinima makes me feel this way, but this... this reminds me of why I am so entranced with virtual worlds.

Produced by Soundr Productions, the people behind it are Sarah Burnside, Andre Englehardt, and Ghost Harris.


Wizzy Gynoid said...

Excellent. I want to see a full-length movie feature produced in SL. Who is going to do it?

sororNishi said...

Excellent, just wonderful ...LL should get this sort of thing more widely seen.

Webknot said...

I find this video too serious and romantic : "fleur bleue" we say in french.

I did not see a single non-human, funny or curious avatar. As if every person in SL was trying to be like those stars from Hollywood :
humans with perfect bodies going from one pose to another and scratching their head with the help of AO's.

With a few exceptions (0:57 for example) all the places shown are slightly modified clones of reality. Imagination or interesting variations on reality seem to be left behind.

"You can't be a star or a fairy IRL come and play Second Life"