Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Too much! Too much!

So said Douglas Story in last night's urgent IM, after I'd throttled the group with yet another notecard loaded with simply amazing things to see and do. "You've got to pace yourself, woman!"

"But I must alert the group," I replied. "They have to be among the first to know."

Today, TeeCee Towradgi suggested I toss everything onto a website. And here it is. Thank the Gods of Olympus for templates and wysiwyg!

Beginning today, this will be the archive for our posts. Group members, please contact me in-world if you missed out on receiving one of the freebies. Of course, you could always fetch them the old-fashioned way and just pluck them from group notices. o.O

Yours truly, Bettina Tizzy


Miki said...

You guys are all on the wrong side of the timeline... end is start...