Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not Possible IRL Field Trips with Seifert Surface

NPIRL members received a notice on August 14, 2007 advising them that it was MATH FINALS WEEK. And so it was...

Our very own Seifert Surface is a postdoctoral mathematician who can explain, in terms a layperson can grasp, what in the heck is going on with the many (dozens and dozens - is that a legitimate quantity, Seifert? ^.^) elegant, math-inspired sculptures he's not only built but often scripted.

But his work isn't just about mathematical representation. These things are... beautiful. Yep. And fun. And most would simply not be possible in Real Life. Well, maybe some of them would be but you would need a budget equal to the GNP of a small nation to realize them.

So... on Friday, August 17th, this math-mage hosted TWO tours for NPIRL'ers at his Future sim, rezzing things from his inventory, activating kinetic sculptures such as a rotating 4D hypercube and a procedurally-generated Fibonacci sequence, and then...he explained them! T'was great fun walking all over the Costa-Hoffman-Meeks surface and then having him personally demo his interpretation of Robert Heinlein's Crooked House.

I'm sorry if you weren't there. Was way cool. For those of us who have always thought of math as a PITB (you figure it out), this was math therapy. But go check this place out anyway! On a practical level, *his elevator and transporter system alone* are reasons enough to drop everything and run over to have a look.
The Future
It was simply not possible to see all the ingenious things this man has created in even two sessions. Here are some extra links and things to kick your experience up a knot or two:

NMC Campus - Sculpture at the NMC Campus
Seifert's Sculpture Garden, The Future

Hey Scope Cleaver: thank you for introducing us to Seifert. He's a keeper!