Monday, October 1, 2007

Barefoot and pregnant, by Lauren Weyland

Ever wonder how prim babies are made and born in Second Life? Since it is such a personal experience, I asked NPIRL'er and comedienne Lauren Weyland (Happy Rez Day, Lauren!) if she would be willing to share her own story with us. Please note that Lauren is a proud single mom, with a predilection for female partners. Lauren, thank you! - Bettina
* * *
That was the first word my mind flashed on as I clicked inventory> object> wear: Tantra (Conception HUD).

Might those around me know I had become Second Life fertile? The risk was double since my womb could cycle avatoid or furry… and I had set the wrong cycle (to furry!) the first time. I did not conceive during my first avatoid cycle of 28 days and fear set in that I might not get pregnant in spite of the overwhelming yearning to… Thus I had wanted sex every time my HUD signaled it was a most fertile moment for me.

Yes! That feeling that comes after missing a period, and the pregnancy test confirms what you already know and want. This moment arrives after a lonely time when you keep the possibility to yourself for over a week, which in Second Life is an eternity.

In SL you don't blurt out that you are trying to get pregnant, especially if you aren't married and sleeping with five women. The look in each pair of eyes when I presented the paternity test was amusing. Four of them turned to relief when they received their failing grade... and then there was the One desiring anonymity...

My pregnant womb would tell me my baby was kicking in the chat bar so all could hear and know. My four shapes left nothing to the imagination. Scheduled doctor visits placed demands on both FirstLife (FL) and my SL, plus the wardrobe from hell often detracted from the joy.

Then, four weeks later, I went into labor on a nightmarish SL Sunday. I waited five hours with my friend Luna at the hospital... clicking false labor. For the next hour, I pushed and screamed while being cajoled by the doctor and the two women who attended the birth.

Lauren's excellent friend Luna stood by her pal throughout the entire delivery.

A joy, my daughter Lula, and definitely NPIRL.

* * *
Average Prices for Having a Prim Baby

Full pregnancy kit including interactive talking tummy: 4000L
Prim baby: 3500L
Pregnancy kit: 1500L
Ultrasound with photograph: 500L
Delivery room: 1000L
Stork delivery: 1000L
Birth certificate: 500L
Twins with all of the above: 10,000L


ponk bing said...

I'm in the wrong business!

Seraphine said...

My interactive talking tummy only cost the price of a slice of cheese pizza and a root beer.