Saturday, December 20, 2008

The pleasure of your company, your deep pockets, and your sense of community are requested!

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

Gary Kohime is a kind soul with a BIG heart and an artist, too. Someone he loves very much is ill with cancer, and he has coordinated an auction/fundraiser and party today to benefit cancer research via the American Cancer Society. An ACS donation box will be placed at the auction site by Catt Gable of the American Cancer Society to receive auction monies and any other donations.

In the spirit of the season, and the community we all enjoy, please help Gary to get the word out far and wide... and come to the party with deep pockets :)

The event will take place today, December 20, 2008, between 4 - 6pm SLT at the SS Galaxy - Zodiac Ballroom; teleport directly from here.
Music will be streamed by DJ Gary Kohime; Attire: Formal.

So many people have given so, so generously! You can see many of the items on display at the IBM sandbox by teleporting directly from here and then flying to these coordinates: 223/97/23.

Among the many items:

* Eshi Otawara has donated her entire new Eshi Otawara Winter/Spring Collection, except the one Limited Edition gown which has sold out. You can see the collection in this great video by Osiris Pfalz.

Eshi Otawara Winter / Spring Collection from Osiris Pfalz on Vimeo.

Eshi's clothes are no-trans, so the winning bidder (yes, the entire collection will go to one bidder) will receive the items directly from her. They can be seen on the first floor of her shop, too, by teleporting here.

* Tuna Oddfellow has donated a special two hour Tunaverse show, public or private, but it must take place on his land.

Photo by Trinity Outlander

* Elros Tuominen's gorgeous Mirrors sculpture...

* Aloah Oh's beautiful The BIO ORB, a small Star vase, Undulating Sea vases and a WaterBall sculpture

* Cuwignaka Castaignede's Kajira - Tower with Amphora Donation (tip jar) and the marvelous animated castle guards

* Indra Jun's pretty Universe in Balance sculpture

* Glyph Graves's just-released Jellyfish Bluebell, as well as his Aura of Distraction sculpture.

* Douglas Story's new and never-before-seen-in-SL image of his: Street Lizard.

* Sasun Steinbeck's extraordinary Morph Sculpture v13 & Stand

* Andromede Kamach's lovely Silver Angel and Flight of a Fairy sculptures.

* KK Jewell is donating ten outfits by Acedia.

* CD Benelli has donated three outfits, including the Peta Fur!

* RightasRain Rimbaud and the Rezzable staff have donated one of Unreal McCoy's fabulous and rare When Pigs Fly sculptures

* AM Radio's Winter Scene Car with the tree has made the winter images rotation for Second Life®'s start page. The car that he has donated does not have snow.

Damanios Thetan's brand new sculpture, Dance of the Souls.

Then there is Light Waves' statue of a naughty gnome. To my knowledge, it is the only one of its kind. It has its own history, too, which you can read about here.


Nebulosus Severine / CM Pauluh said...

Awww, if I had known about this sooner, I would have been happy to contribute something -- I haven't been in SL much, due to this crazy time of year.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to take this time to thank, especially Bettina for her thoughtfulness beyond compare. I also want to thank all the creators/artists and other folks that contributed to this event. It was an overwhelming success. Furthermore, we had so much fun during the auction we ran out of time and have many more items yet to auction. In addition to the fact I had no idea you all would be so generous in your donations, in which I was not prepared for. This has prompted me to do a 2nd one. Any votes on day, let me know asap. Bettina or I will keep you all informed as to when it is. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. Oh and Raina thanks you too. :)