Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't let your virtual creations die with you - Will your Work Day

December 29, 2009 Update:

I've decided to expand this concept to ALL digital creations. I'm going to need your help to get the word out. Bloggers, website creators, media, tech geeks and geekas... Will you help me? Please contact me at bettinatizzy (at) gmail dot com and we'll mobilize together!


German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian translations of this information are available here

Dear fellow Residents of Second Life®:

About three weeks ago, virtual artist Vanfarel Kupfer died. Had he not left copies of most of his work (no trans, no mod) with his virtual girl friend, Native Aeon, his only legacy would be what is currently rezzed today.

Avatars in Second Life devote thousands of hours to creating content, and all that work is LOST when they die. Yes, even if they backed up that work by giving it to an alt. Even if they gave their account password to someone. When you die and unless you have taken appropriate measures, no one, not even Linden Lab, can legally access your work. It is simply lost forever.

According to Linden Lab, the correct and only procedure for "willing" one's creations - or for that matter, any Second Life assets - is indicated here.

I propose that we mark this day, May 18th, as Will your Work Day, to encourage content creators to consider their situation and act on it annually.

The goal would be to celebrate Van's art and remind people to either give copies of their work to one or more avatars (not their alts) whom they trust, or add them to their Real Life will.

Also beginning today and for one week - and working with his beloved Native Aeon - Vanfarel Kupfer's work will be exhibited at four locations: his former home sim, EnLuminaria, the Crescent Moon Museum, the Blackwater Gallery, and Chakryn Forest. Understandably, Native is still very much in mourning over her loss, and when I asked her how I could help, she stated that her greatest wish is that Vanfarel's work become known throughout the grid. So be it. Native: Sachez que nous sommes de tout coeur à vos côtés.

Please share this message with your fellow residents and help to get the word out. You will find numerous translations of this letter here, prepared by the following individuals who generously volunteered their time: Lano Ling, Osiris LeShelle, elros Tuominen, Tonjampae Amat and Gore Suntzu. Tell your community in your own way, in your own words.

I leave you with the colorful, dreamy work of Vanfarel Kupfer in a video by Jurin Juran. May he rest in peace.

Here's to enduring great virtual content!

The art of Vanfarel Kupfer, as part of Will your Work Day
Machinima by Jurin Juran


Mako Kungfu said...

Thanks for encouraging people to think about this important issue, Bettina. In an odd coincidence -- an article about online legacy popped up on CNN today. "New services promise online life after death"

Bettina Tizzy said...

Serendipity! Especially when you consider that they provide the service for free for up to three assets (online accounts). Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

evolutie said...

I just came across this Dutch service that allows you to say what will happen to your profile after you die. Besides leaving personal messages etc., you can also state who will manage your content.
I really don't see why Linden Lab can't have a service like this..
It would make things much more easier, and I think it is also appropriate.

Unknown said...

A virtual conference is being planned for 18 May, 2010 to discuss this in the larger context of the preservation of digital's more than the individual, it's about institutional responsibility, too.