Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vote for scalable megaprims on Estate land in Second Life

Many thanks to Qarl Linden who - in comments to my previous post regarding the 2nd anniversary of the Big Prim Problem - suggested that Linden Lab might compromise and consider making scalable megaprims available on Estate land. To that end, I asked my JIRA-savvy friend Dirk Talamasca to create such a proposal for us, thereby enabling everyone to have their say on this potential new feature... and HERE it is. Please go vote!

To vote on a JIRA issue, log in with your first and last Second Life names, enter your Second Life password - don't worry, the JIRA belongs to Second Life - and then look in the left hand column for voting options.

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Tony Agudo said...

Voted for it. This would be a boon to those(like myself) who create stuff in their own OpenSim, use megaprims in the builds, and try to import them into SL using viewers like Meerkat/Imprudence or dedicated tools like Second Inventory. With the current policy in place, megaprim builds can't be properly imported. This feature is sorely needed!

Peter Stindberg said...

What kind of a solution is that supposed to be? If they work fine on estates, why won't they work fine on mainland? This leads to the interpretation that estates seem to be better from a technological point than mainland - something that always got denied before. I see the land barons having a heyday on that matter.

Unknown said...
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sororNishi said...

Welcome indeed, however, the problem of relating the ability to scale to a particular plot has a lot of problems.
How would it be to register as a user....I guess that would be difficult too.
I think this needs to be thought through a bit more, maybe unrestricted use would cause fewer problems than a half-baked idea on limitation.

HomerTheBrave said...

I agree with Nostrum Forder in the JIRA comments... If the problem is governance, and not technical (which is the case), then solve the governance problem: Disallow encroachment by object edges, not by object centers. That seems like another obvious technical fix to a governance problem, doesn't it?

In other words, make it so that you can't edit prims to be larger than the available space, given object entry constraints on the edges.

What's so hard about that? That would make much more sense than having one set of editing rules for mainland and another set of editing rules for estates. In fact, having a no-larger-than-available-space rule would make it easier to manage estates, for exactly the same reason it would help the governance team manage mainland.

I vote no on this silly sell-the-farm-and-get-nothing compromise.

Bettina Tizzy said...

For two years I did everything within my extremely limited power to promote huge scalable prims for all. I am not a programmer and I don't understand what, technically, this would entail. At this point, I am happy to have something...

Some of these comments on this blog and on the JIRA remind me of the kids who cry "Waaah, if I can't have ice cream, then no one can have ice cream."

I'd like to get my toe in the door. I'd like to see content created with scalable prims. If all goes well, perhaps Linden Lab will acquiesce and the struggle for megas, universally, will be over.

How is having something better than nothing? This isn't about eliminating megas on the mainland. It isn't about taking something away. No one and nothing gets hurt. How is that so bad?