Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fabulous falsies

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

It was very late in my Second Life® when I discovered "false" eyelashes and now I want more. More styles and colors and by all means longer, crazier, hotter ones. Sure, they raise your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) a tad, but I'm willing to cut back in other areas if I can have some fantasy springing from my own peepers and basic lashes. Maybe we can persuade Jopsy Pendragon or Darek Deluca to make some with particle effects, or who knows what Cutea Benelli would attach to them... Dollar bills? Miniature scissors? Spiral Walcher would make them glow, of course. It's a pain to get them to fit properly in both lives, but worth it, I tell you, so very worth it.

D.W. Griffith came up with the idea for false eyelashes back in 1916 when he was directing the film Intolerance and wanted actress Seena Owen's lashes to "brush her cheeks."

I was chatting with virtual artist AM Radio who must have been simultaneously searching on the web, because he began to send me one link after another that led to the more than theatrical lashes that Japanese company Shu Uemura makes (check out their Tokyo Lash Bar). Perhaps this is an area where Real Life has trumped us on the fantastical plane and we need to catch up?

All photography via Shu Uemura


Juko said...

I have some fun ones I bought from glow studio that you might like to check out, see their Flickr set here:

Bettina Tizzy said...

Juko, these are terrific! Thank you for bringing them to my attention. I'm headed there first next time I'm in-world. I would like to see MORE along these lines and more creators, too. Made my day, you did.

Unknown said...

I have some too but don't remember where they are from. Of course Redgrave is making them as well. But if someone is having rez issues...well your eyes look beaten. as to is my belief I'm a high prim girl living in a high prim world. Anyhow, since everyone felt Noah's Ark was a good thing...then Lauren's ARC must be a GREAT thing.