Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moonwalkin... Second Lifers REPRESENT

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

5:09pm UPDATE: And here it is: The chosen segment live and... moonwalkin!

In a marathon session yesterday, at least twenty Second Life® residents moonwalked around the Bogon Flux at the Odyssey under the direction of Mescaline Tammas and his cheerful partner in crime, four Yip. The goal is to submit a filmed segment to Eternal Moonwalk (click, click, click), an everlasting virtual tribute to the late, great rocker, Michael Jackson.

Kindly click through and vote on your favorite segment here.

Animations were provided by Iron Serpente. The lovely ducky Ravenelle Zugzwang made a "the making of" machinima, too! We are so serious in Second Life. :P

Real Life illustrator four Yip has already submitted her clip, and it's a wowzer, of course.


nimil said...

oh man i wish i had known about this! i was just saying yesterday that we should get some people together and do a moonwalk for that site o.o

will that animation be available to the public by any chance?

Bettina Tizzy said...

Hey Nimil! We could have used one or two more people there yesterday! You might want to look up Iron Serpente's profile and maybe he has them for sale somewhere? They are his animations.

YIp said...

thank you bettina ! was great fun. :-))

@nimil: you can IM me inworld if you like and i can give you mine iff you like to try. I think it is non transfer but iff you have a place i can rez i happely put it there. It is for 10 avatars and long enough animation for a film. And yes Iron Serpente made the animations and he does sell them now also in his shop. :-)))