Monday, July 6, 2009

My happy place in Second Life - And a fab new Windlight preset by Mescaline

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

Created by Blotto Epsilon and Cutea Benelli, the Bogon Flux (and the new couch for big asses!) - currently at East of Odyssey - is where I go when I want to be happy. I whiled away a very pleasant hour yesterday in Blotto's company and came away with a grin on my face. It's like a vacation in Second Life®.

This gone-bonkers Steampunk structure builds upon itself and then sheds parts or all but its base to begin anew. Pipes and doorways (many of them open with a touch) make it possible to navigate from one section to another until, that is, it decides to cut you loose.

There are lots of new modules on the Flux

Teleport directly from here, and by all means turn on your music stream.

Oh, how happy I would be to have such a couch in Real Life!

These photographs were taken using Mescaline Tammas' appropriately named Sunday Windlight preset.

Mescaline has a new preset, too! The Bristol...

Says Mescaline: (I shot this) "Short film to demonstrate a new Windlight Setting 'Bristol.' Edelwiess reminds me of Bristol which reminds me of Banksy and Massive Attack. This preset is made having 'lived' in shadows for a while, more ambient light than previous settings. Film has no post processing, just cut. Shot in Kirstenlee Cinquetti's S17."

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epsilon said...

thank you Bettina! i'd also like to emphasize our appreciation to Helfe Ihnen for generously letting us flux up his sim, and providing enough prims to get ourselves in trouble :)