Saturday, May 9, 2009

Second Life content creators save lives, one net (and one eyeball) at a time

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

Cutea Benelli and Blotto Epsilon, co-creators of the ultra fabulous Bogon Flux (which is no longer rezzed, but just you wait! More news on that front), together with avatar creator Barney Boomslang, have released the strange eyestem thingie for sale, and it is to benefit, the organization that saves lives by preventing malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa.

Even if you aren't buying, why not drop a few Lindens on their vendor?

Here's your Executive Summary, busy people: Ten dollars from every purchase will send a net and save a life of a child in Africa.

Teleport NOW directly from here or donate directly to their effort here!


Barney said...

Well, Cutea and Blotto released that eyestem thingy - I just gave some tiny gargoyle avatars to sell for Nothingbutnets!