Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The quirky avatars of Lime Breen

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

When I think of animation, three things immediately come to mind: Disney characters, Japanese anime, and the Simpsons. Japan, by the way, just announced that it is investing 11.7 billion yen on the creation of a new "shrine" to anime in Tokyo.

I can't think of a species of avatar that I haven't seen in Second Life®, but on the whole, animation-style avatars seem to be in short supply. That's just one reason why I love to stare at Lime Breen whenever our paths cross.

Lime Breen, as photographed by Lime Breen

Lime hails from New Jersey and works as a web/flash designer, but in Second Life, Lime makes avatars. Idiosyncratic, quirky, cartoony and wildly exaggerated, these avatars are... cute.


Lime's "Noodle" was a special commission to do a Gorillaz band member

No shop yet, but Lime does take individual commissions for avatar creations. Plans include the addition of optional facial expressions.


chestnut rau said...

Lime has popped by our mainland parcel a few times and we had lovely chats. Very cool avatars and a sweet person as well! Lime gave me a mini Lime Green doll that has a special place on the root of a tree in our park.

Frankie said...

Credits for the set used here.
These photo's were taken at ART BOX, Second Life's immersive art gallery.

To visit ART BOX just search for the name under 'places' or alternatively just click on the following slurl link: