Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ever wish you could search for objects in your inventory by the creator's name?

Wizard Gynoid has created a new JIRA issue that I can really get behind: #MISC-2717 suggests that the "Creator" field be added to the SQL query in the Inventory "Search" field.

How many times have I wished for this? If you feel the same way, please vote!

Don't know how to vote? Easy peasy!
1) Go to this link.
2) Sign in with your first and last name (so I would sign in: Bettina Tizzy)
3) Your password is the same as your avatar's password.
4) Look in the lower right hand margin for the word "Voting" and click on the link to Vote.



Dakotah Yue said...

Yes, I second that. Also, Boy Lane's "Cool Viewer" already features Double click to wear (or detach) attachments and a "Worn" tab.
Be warned, you get used to these treats really quick :-)

I voted for it. Not sure if that's a good omen, though. Not a single issue I have voted for has ever been solved.

Juko said...

They will probably be tidied up together anyway, but this is already included in VWR-2081 which is probably a better one to vote for

Wizzy Gynoid said...

this previous JIRA item (VWR-2081) was created 8/7/07. that's almost two years ago. the main reason this issue has languished is because it asks for too much. yes, it would be *nice* to be able to search on every attribute of an object, but i think that's excessive, practically speaking. this issue zeroes in on one field, the creator of the object. most people who have big inventories can identify with this one. i have objects made by the same person scattered throughout my inventory and it would be oh so convenient to just get a list of all of them at once. sometimes one has to narrow the scope to hit the target. ;-)

sororNishi said...

yep, I voted...great idea Wizzy...

kumi kuhr said...

voted too