Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chortle, chuckle, grin and guffaw - Smile, you are NOT on Candid Camera, you are in SL + Your homework assignment

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

Fun! Where did it go, oldbies? The more we chat about our Second Life® experiences, the more I hear that you are too busy wheelin' & dealin' or providing customer service or rushing on a build, and too too busy to laugh it up anymore.

Well here's a first in what I hope will be many installments and refreshers on how to stop taking your Second Life so seriously while doing something inane and delightful. Remember how good it used to feel? Remember the first time you saw that jello avatar? Remember when you floated on a giant mushroom in the sky with a bunch of friends, with tears in your eyes from all the giggles and snickers and snorts? Remember?????

A few days ago, artist and Hotel Dare curator Gattina Dumpling encouraged me to do just that when I commented on her shot of Rachel Breaker as Bacon Blingtard. "Bettina! We need to blingtard you! It is the most fun you can have; totally makes you see how most of SL lives, and is truly amusing for a total of about 3.8 minutes! Set your torso slider to 100 and get some bad freebie hair and orange skin!" Have I done it yet? Nope. But I need to. Does that count?

Speaking of Rachel Breaker - who's profile reads "I can do anything I want, and so can you," this woman seriously knows how to whoop it up.

The real Rachel Breaker

It's reflected in her creations such as the Blinkin' Wonka Chimney Hat...


Teleport to Rachel's shop directly from here, and yes, it really is inside that mound :D Touch the door to get in.

She might not be in as she is given to sneakin' next door to her friend Daniel Luchador's shop...

On Flickr, Trilby Button writes, "Just a silly little video of Lette (Ponnier) and I having lots of absurd fun in the Fotoscope sim, where just about anything can happen if you choose to float in space. We were eventually killed by the Big Giant Head (what is he from??)."

Photographers Squishypaint Aabye and Korgi Lerwick created Fotoscope for photographers. The island has a variety of locations created with photoshoots in mind, as well as two galleries and a professional studio with hundreds of poses, lights, backdrops. What interested me though, was this bit of folly in the sky that's featured in Trilby's machinima: The Freefall Fotosphere.

Teleport directly from here and look for the local teleporter.


So kids, your homework assignment for this week is... have AT LEAST one break a day lasting a minimum of 3.8 minutes (per Gattina's prescription) of simple, stupid fun. I'm going to practice what a preach, too.


Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

I feel ya on this.

Trilby said...

Yay for silly stupid fun! I try to have it whenever I can. :) Thanks for featuring my little video, Bettina -- and what an honor to share a post with Whoop Captain Rachel Breaker! I'm off for my 3.8 right now!

w.w. said...

I already passed my homework assignment. I goof off and have fun as much as possible, as often as possible! Ask anybody who knows me!!! Go back and ask all my teachurz, too, lol.

sororNishi said...

superior sound and sensible advice...

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

You want silly fun? Came to our vaudeville show tomorrrow at 2pm SLT :-D

Free, silly, brilliant fun. And fleas. Really - fleas.

More here:

Monerda said...

Bettina, you motivated me have fun today so I went to Rachel's store and bought her great Taxi dress. Here's a link to a pic of me dancing wearing the hat!

Bettina Tizzy said...

@Brad - Did you go on that bike ride today? :P
@Trilby - Thank YOU for allowing me to post it. such a good reminder that there is more to SL than working.
@w.w. and what do you recommend?
@soror, I will sit under one of your ancient trees and see if I can come up with more.
@HeadBurro - I'm hoping we can persuade Osprey Therian and the rest of The Show Must Go On team to do a special show for us.
@Monderda - THAT taxi hat is purty. I need to shop for accessories to match.