Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chouchou leaps from digital platform to digital platform: Releases first album + iTunes

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

Until now, the only way you could hear Chouchou, the Japanese musical group with a panoramic, shimmering sound that existed only in Second Life®, was in-world via live concerts, on the lovely beach that is their Chouchou sim (teleport directly from here), or on your own land parcel with the help of their “Little Tiara,” which enabled you to stream their weekly radio program, as well as all of the songs in their repertory. The radio box had ceased to operate some months ago, so I’ve been ending each day at the Chouchou sim lately because I’ve missed hearing their music, and yes, I’m a card carrying member of the Chouchouaholic group.

Finally and effective immediately, I can have Chouchou music any way I want. Juliet Heberle and Arabesque Choche have remastered and remixed every single gorgeous track and released one album with still another on the way on the Earth Records label.

NARCOLEPSY features ten tracks, including Coma. “It is sung in a language from nowhere. I created the lyrics, imagining words from somewhere very, very far. Yes, people really like the song, even if they don't know the meaning of the words,” explained Juliet.

The icing on the cake is that we can now buy and vote for their songs on iTunes, the most popular source of music in the United States, and it is once again possible to stream it on our land parcels in-world, this time via a direct web link.

Never heard Chouchou? This was their first music video.

"coma" Music Video - Chouchou

There's also a brand new fan group for Chouchou on Facebook.

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Enjoy Chouchou while you can.

Many thanks to Masami Kuramoto who whispered the news in my ear last night!