Thursday, July 10, 2008

Enjoy Chouchou while you can: Our days are surely numbered

If we were to survey Second Lifers to determine which in-world performers are most likely to succeed in Real Life, I do believe that Chouchou would win by a landslide. What baffles me greatly is that they are, as yet, undiscovered and haven't been swept away by a big label. Where are the talent scouts, for crying out loud? Ah well, their loss is our gain, as we can still attend relatively private live performances.

And speaking of performances, juliet Heberle tells me that while she and arabesque Choche just launched their newest club, Universe, they also have plans to create a revamped Islamey club, and have both venues available.

It was at the original Islamey - a jewel box in the sky - and thanks to Evo Szuyuan, that I first discovered Chouchou, the one-year old musical group that only exists in Second Life.

For those of you unfortunate enough to have never heard of Chouchou, allow me to remedy that situation. Here is one of their earliest videos.

"coma" Music Video - Chouchou

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Unknown said...

Stunning! Thank you.