Saturday, July 5, 2008

What is your favorite mirroring tool?

Naxos Loon shared this well-done vid on a new mirroring tool called the Symmetrizor that automatically duplicates your creations on one side to the other.

You can see an in-world demo by teleporting here.


Henry S said...

A historical note on the first mirroring script that was public and open source (by Jeffrey Gomez), and the drama storm it generated:

How times have changed, now we have copybots.

-Seifert Surface

Alexandre said...

Hi, I'm the one who made that video,colleague of the scriptor of that tool, and I have to say that the Symmetrizor is not a copy bot, it is made to create things with prims rezed from the mirror.
and it won't let you copy things made by others if you don't have rights on those objects. If the owner gives you fullperm on an object then the symmetrizor can symmetrize it , but even without the tool, it's possible to copy it by hand since we can see all of its shape info in the build window.
In other words, the Symmetrizor just does same exact things we would do by hand, it just makes it way easier.

Henry S said...

Yes, sorry if I was unclear. Jeffrey Gomez's mirroring script did essentially the same job as Symmetrizor, and came out way before copybot. It caused a huge storm purely from copying objects that you have full permissions on (but without as nice features as Symmetrizor as far as I can see).

These days nobody is worried by a mirroring script because copybots are around.

Aliasi said...

Those were truly more innocent days. There's quite a few prims out there that mark me as creator because I made an early version of Jeffrey's creator (that worked by rezzing a prim and then manipulating it, rather than directly manipulating the prim it was dropped in) off the instructions he'd posted on the forums, then gave it to a few friends, who gave it to a few friends, and so on, and so on, and so on...