Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grab your recycled shopping bag and head over to Sabine Stonebender's temporary store

October 6, 2008 update: Sabine has been hard at work rebuilding Zero Point. Her permanent store is now open for business (teleport directly from here).

On Thursday, Sabine Stonebender woke up to some dreadful news. Due to a billing error bug, her Zero Point, certainly one of the most admired and NPIRL sites on the grid, had vanished into some database limbo and gone from this...

... to this...

The situation has not yet been resolved. This is particularly painful because Zero Point, which housed her store and an important source of income for Sabine, is also gone. Effective immediately, Sabine has a temporary store and you are cordially invited to shop.

You might pick up an elegant Radiant Nebulae Chamber...

... and by all means, get yourself a proper telehub!

If dancing is your thing, you'll be needing a glamorous floor...

The Psycho Vinyl Dance Floor changes colors

For black tie dancing, I recommend this one prim marvel that brings the universe into your living room

Her lastest release is both a sculpture and a toy

He goes boom

Her dragon sculptures are considered the finest in Second Life®

And here's a sneak peak at something coming down the pipeline...

BIG guns... and if you are in the mood, the whole thing blows to pieces (literally)

Sabine's textures (I own a bunch!) are jewels in the hands of any builder, and there are numerous sculptures, skins, particle effects, vehicles and all sorts of toys, too.

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