Friday, July 18, 2008

Zero Point is... toast

October 6, 2008 update: Sabine has been hard at work rebuilding Zero Point. Her permanent store is now open for business (teleport directly from here).

Sabine Stonebender has terrible news. This is Zero Point today...

You can read about Zero Point as it once was here

"I have a bit of bad news. Zero Point was destroyed this morning by a billing error bug that returned it all rather randomly. I will be able to rebuild but the old stuff is pretty much vapor," she said.

Early Thursday morning, Sabine had a huge return happen. She explained, "When I showed up, it was all gone. Not even one linden tree was left. Apparently there's a billing bug, and Zero's (Zero Medici is Sabine's sponsor) account was accidently set to "Purge" which liquidated his land, autoreturned all objects, and stuck it on the auction block."

"He's managed to get the land on the way back to his ownership, but I have to wait for him to set it all back up to group, etc.," she added.

Were things linked?
Sabine Stonebender: I have some backups of floor 1 and 2, but I think 3, the Dotz and the store are a total loss. I'm thinking a total rebuild is in order.

And Vomit Comet?
Sabine Stonebender: Toast. I might be able to salvage sections, but the floor is in fragments.

The throne?
Sabine Stonebender: The throne is okies; it was linked.

What will you do?
Sabine Stonebender: Zero Point will be back, but not the same.

How are you?
Sabine Stonebender: Kinda pissed, kinda numb, but at least I found out the 'why.' I'm pretty much facing about three months of rebuild. Biggest downside is that my store is gone, which is one of my sole sources of income.

I will be posting the slurl for Sabine's temporary store as soon as I have it.


Anonymous said...

Sabine seems remarkably composed considering. What is so annoying is that there is no kind of compensation offered when this kind of error happens, I bet he doesn't even get an apology.

Unknown said...

I'd have to agree, it's tragic that no comensation is given in a situation such as this. Will there be a fund set up for this new build Bett?

Unknown said...

The Lindens have the ability to roll back the sim to a previous state if it didn't happen too long ago (and I don't know how long they keep records). Did anyone ask them if they could roll back?


Unknown said...

I'm with Siefert...fairly confident they can roll back to a previous sim state. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

This sucks! If you need some temporary space to sell things let me know. I can probably find some prims for you at no charge until you can get rebuilt.

Sabine Stonebender said...

Sadly a rollback is not possible as Kelham is a mainland sim(was my first question too). So all I can do is use what elements are salvageable and begin anew on the rest.My sponsor Zero has a similar mess as his sculpture garden and landscaping were also blown away.
No copy objects did seem to make it thru intact fortunately, so things such as the Starax's are not lost forever. Compensation would be nice but I highly doubt any will be forthcoming. I'll just settle for still being able to build there safely again at this point.
Upside is we now have all these lovely new mega prim sizes for the rebuild which didnt exist in 2006;)

Anonymous said...

(oops error above)

Good luck with the rebuild Sabine!

Unknown said...

Very sad and terrible to have this happen, but one never knows, it may be a blessing in disguise ... something stirring, motivating, and wonderful ... a fresh start! I once auto-returned 3000+ prims (by mistake!) ... a layout that took about 3 months to detail. Nice thing is it only took about a week and a half (after detaching the globs in my inventory from each other) to set it all up again. Once you've done it once, it's easier the next time. Best wishes, Sabine! It will be better than ever. I know it ... ;=)

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Lao Tsu

CM Pauluh aka Nebulosus Severine said...

Last year, around September-ish, a big chunk of my gallery and shop disappeared and though I tried to get the the bottom of what happened, I never got an explanation. Fortunately I had copies of everything, but it was still frustrating and heartbreaking. I can only imagine how you must feel, Sabine. I know you will be able to rebuild, yet I hope LL will be able to compensate you in some way for your loss.