Thursday, July 17, 2008

Introducing Eln Alter

AM Radio wrote... "Look up Eln Alter. Check out the house there. Wild." Of course, I did.

Every now and then, a fresh and strikingly original creator hits our radar, so rich with possibilities! Such was the case of Bryn Oh and four Yip, and they certainly haven't disappointed. Notably, Eln rezzed on 11/1/2007. Such work and concepts are unexpected from someone so new to the grid.

Eln, wearing one of her avatars

Her little house serves as a shop. I'm particularly fond of the stilts that it sits on.

Inside, more whimsical items, many of them for sale.

On the ground beneath the house, Eln has also created a "museum," though she hasn't yet decided what it is about. Her vases there are indicative of an intriguing tangent I hope she'll continue to evolve.

Teleport to Eln's shop from here.
Teleport to Eln's Museum from here.