Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Miki Gymnast's bittersweet farewell to Rezzable Creators Gallery

Any minute now, Rezzable Creators Gallery will disappear, along with a few other Rezzable Productions sims. Our own Miki Gymnast, who invariably knocks everyone's socks off with her spontaneous and often mathematically inspired creations, took a previous build and reprogrammed it in under two hours to come up with an exciting and temporal 14,000 prim space, as captured in this moving video by Dizzy Banjo.

Music by Dizzy Banjo

"It's a type of breather surface, optimized for Second Life®, performance; parts calculated on the web, parts calculated in Second Life," explained Miki, referring to the enormous yet delicate raspberry-colored tower.

Beneath that tower and in the teleport arrival area, visitors' names and text-chatted words appear in swirling, colorful ribbons that span the base of the sim. Rezzable, CNN, and NPIRL's blog headlines also whirl around guests. "It takes the blog titles from the Internet, transfers them to Second Life, and shows them in big letters," said Miki.

It's not easy saying goodbye to great content. The Rezzable Creators Gallery once housed works for sale by Light Waves.