Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mars Rezzable: Miki Gymnast's temporary sandbox and our playground

RightasRain Rimbaud of Rezzable Productions had been telling me that Miki Gymnast was doing “some interesting things” over at Mars Rezzable, but he would add each time that he wasn’t quite sure what they were.

Seems that Miki spent six hours on the Mars simulator last Saturday fiddling with 5,000 prims to create these… well, I don’t know what they are either… but they sure are fun to look at. Oh… and one more hour making the particles.

Oh… and then she used another 9,000 prims to make the sim graphics, so that when you look at Mars Rezzable on the map, you get this:

Actually, I’m just joshing you. I do know what they are, ‘cause Miki informed me. These are Borromean rings. According to Wikipedia: In mathematics, the Borromean rings consist of three topological circles which are linked and form a Brunnian link, i.e., removing any ring results in two unlinked rings.

She says they are a sign of strength. I'd say they are a sign that Rezzable is adding a shining star to its constellation of great builders.

I’m here to tell you that Miki Gymnast is as delightful as her build. The NPIRLers had a preview of this morsel of a sim yesterday and while it is my own wish that it stay put for a while, Miki informed me tonite that “before I delete the things in a few days, it will be accessible to everyone. It’s not an 'official' Rezzable sim… not a real concept, only a temporarily sandbox.”
Feedback from the group was unusually positive. All kinds of people - with very different tastes - wrote back to say how much they had liked it. Miki also spent some time with another NPIRLer who apparently helped her work out a simpler process for the sim graphics. “I had used a very very complicated system to bring data in. Lots of coding. He gave me a hint on how to make it much easier. I (had been) going to the bakery via Australia first."

Don't care for that color?

You have only to wait a minute or less, and every color will have changed.

Miki says that she isn’t “really good at building or scripting, but I am able to combine things, and it's fun to explore combinations.” She is German, and explains that “we like programming. (It is) close to our mentality: if yes > do this. If not > do the other thing." She’s a student and has been simultaneously working at an architectural firm for three years, making photorealistic renderings and programming plug ins for cad applications.

She added… “you see the bubble on my shoulder? It is my debugger. Also I can (alter) all the settings here (with it). I can reset, delete, change colours and particle counts flying around us… everything on the sim with it.”

Miki's first rez day is November 18, and I for one am looking forward to seeing everything this girl is going to do in the months and years to come.
Slurl: Mars 01Areas Rezzable


Anonymous said...

That looks awesome! -- Forseti

mztry Moody said...

absolutely amazing ... i am in awe of Miki's talent and hope to see more of it

BETLOG Hax said...

Some screens I took earlier.
Photos don't really do it justice though... very beautiful to be inside.

[2007/10/22 12:10] Kumi Kuhr: they would be great if you could slide down and around them.

/me rummages for the push functions wiki.

Miki described how she placed the smaller blobs by setting buoyancy and letting them float upward for a while before stopping them... wouldn't it be cool to extend that process to have them constantly rising from the ground to 'roof'...and lights... moving, changing vertex shader delight lights on all those tasty colours.

Bettina Tizzy said...

Thank you, Betlog! Awesome info.