Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Not Possible IRL group needs a logo - Announcing a contest!

* What we hope to see in our group logo *

Ideally, the logo will be memorable and evoke an emotion or response. It should also be grounded in the concept of virtuality… and especially that which would not be possible IRL (in real life). The logo should be created in both color and black & white.

The logo will be used for many things related to the group, including our blog and our group descriptor.


* Timing *
Contest begins October 8, 2007 and ends with the unveiling of the winning logo at the first annual Not Possible IRL Halloween party, October 31, 2007.

All contest entries must be submitted to Bettina Tizzy by October 22, 2007. No late entries will be accepted or considered. No exceptions.

* Awards and Entry Limits *
No more than 30 people may submit a design, so be sure to get your design in soon. Only one design per person. Not only will we accept but we encourage NPIRL members to participate. People outside of the NPIRL group may also participate.

* One Grand Award *
$20,000L and the perpetual visibility and fame worthy of a NPIRL award winner.

In addition, Bettina Tizzy (marketing and PR consultant IRL) will allocate four hours with the winner to develop a marketing strategy and image campaign for both in and off world needs. Bett doesn't want to reveal her RL hourly rates, but let's just say this is worth a pile of Lindens.

Finally, if the winner is not a NPIRL member, membership to the group will automatically be extended to that winner.

* The Jury *
All contacts - other than actual submission of entries - with Bettina Tizzy and the contest jury regarding the logo design will be strictly prohibited during the contest period. This rule is being implemented to avoid having designers attempt to persuade the jury to choose their design.

The Jury:
- Random Calliope
- Gary Hazlitt
- Sugar Seville
- Douglas Story
- Bettina Tizzy

The Jury will select 5 finalists, and then all NPIRL members will have the opportunity to vote for the winner.

* Format *
Please submit 512x512 JPG or targa files, via email, to Bettina Tizzy at bettinatizzy@gmail.com, keeping in mind that the final version for both the color and b&w versions must be in vector EPS.

* Rights *
All rights to the winning logo design will become the property of the Not Possible IRL group, but the designer will be permitted to display the work in his/her portfolio both in and off world.

* Restricted Design Content *
Any logo must be the original work of the submitter. Absolutely no third-party images may be used in the logo design (e.g. Clipart, Stock Photos, Stock Designs). Any consequences that may arise from the discovery, by a third-party, that one or more of their pieces was used illegally, will be assumed by the designer and not by Not Possible IRL.


Vint Falken said...

Of course, read this to late. :(

Let me know if there are any plans on postponing the deadline? :d

Bettina Tizzy said...

Aw Vint, I am so sorry! The deadline for entries has come and gone.

vint falken said...

*swear word*

Ah well, let me know if you ever get bored by that logo and run a second contest... =D