Sunday, October 28, 2007

Experience your afterlife

Toran Cult has updated his HUD-guided journey to the Afterlife just in time for Halloween. This is not a typical way to while away an hour or two of your afternoon! All you need to experience this odyssey to your "hereafter" is rezzable land allowing approximately 100 prims and a few friends. Toran invited the NPIRLers to have a go at it...

The adventure begins in no subtle way with the chopping off of your head. Here AM Radio watches as Bjornlyn Loon checks out.

Al Supercharge's soul - now sporting a set of wings - is gently lifted to the great beyond.

After a few moments you find yourself floating in a dark void... your friends appearing beside you, one by one. (This photo by Toran Cult)

You arrive at the pearly gates and cross into purgatory. NPIRLers took a moment to meditate on their sins.

From there you must choose between heaven or hell... whereupon you are transported to many different scenes ranging from celestial... rather unpleasant, as TeeCee Towradgi would soon discover.

Thanks for the field trip, Toran!