Monday, July 14, 2008

Get in touch with your quirkiness with the help of Vooner Voom

News travels fast on the grid. Today and within minutes, both surrealist four Yip (her avatars! Her installations and wings and furniture!) and uber extreme adventurer Naxos Loon , alerted me to Vooner Voom's quirky store (teleport directly from here). This is a place to stop by for madcap and eccentric avatars (want to be a school of fish, all by your lonesome? This is the place!) and toys (rubber ducky, I love you!), but when you are there, be sure to touch the door on the back wall to be transported into an odd little room.

Vooner is Japanese and while he just celebrated his first rez day, his sculpty work is fantastic.

He certainly has a different perspective on things...


Torley said...

I'm a fan of both Four and Vooner's work. This surreal, whimsical stuff delights me so.

Don't miss one of Vooner's greatest achievements, featured here:

Cultural differences? Rude bird? A surprisingly startling way to greet someone? Whatever, it's memorable. =^_^=