Monday, April 14, 2008

Folks love four Yip

There are scores of ways to gauge people's reactions to just about everything in Second Life: builds, group notices, blogposts, emails, IMs, and so on. For my money, the response to four Yip's "Search" show that I blogged about on Saturday: "four Yip's improbable tableaux + you," has been fun. Looks like people are just having a romp over there!

I thought I'd share some of the great pics that have been coming in, capturing people's experiences and feedback. There's Skye Donardson's dreamy "Girl with Clouds in Her Eyes"...

Per Skye: "One of the items you can pick up at this very fun, interactive exhibit are these gorgeous eyes, with their built in clouds. I'm rather enamoured with these...don't know if I'll make them my everyday wear, but they are really lovely."

Then Vivienne Cassavetes' avatar is simply the perfect height for many of the exhibits there. Take a look at these three pics...

Charlie Chaplin!

Where's Vivienne?!

Vivienne in the clouds

OMG, you haven't been to four Yip's show yet? What are you waiting for??

To visit this exhibit, teleport directly from here and then, importantly, follow the coordinates of the landmark. The TP is forced to a central area of the island.


Anonymous said...

They talk about the piece she left at BIW on the latest podcast but it is hard to hear because they had tech probs. I think they liked it though!