Thursday, April 17, 2008

A talismanic journey at The Cannery opens with Melodious Source

Her icon on Flickr is an eyeball. Her photography stream has been viewed nearly a 100,000 times... and she's developed quite a following - nearly 1,400 contacts - so she must to be doing something right.

Rise Above by Melodious Source

While most of her photography falls in the Fantasy genre, Melodious Source doesn't like to be classified, and to promote that freedom, just when you think you have figured her out, she does something completely different.

Melodious' cyborg girl

Her main protagonists are nearly always women, and they are intrepid. One would imagine that they don't walk... but swagger... or fly.

The air shimmers around them. They are larger than life.

Seeking Divinity by Melodious Source

I love a quote that Melodious posted on her Flickr profile page by a certain Douglas Everett: "There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other." I was surprised, by the way, to learn that this insightful pearl comes from a retired Canadian senator. Go Canada!

At any rate, her work continues to enchant and inspire an adoring and ever-growing audience. Much of it is erotica and rather steamy, and all is imaginative, and infused by her infectious personality - which comes across with each new image - and spirited remarks.

Her show, "The Source," which opens tomorrow, marks the debut of a new gallery space at Rezzable Production's The Cannery that is unabashedly mystical. Drawing from astrological and magical lore, the secrets there are plentiful, and even the special key to unlock their charms isn't enough… and isn't explained… so you are compelled to explore on a visceral level.

Your journey begins with the purchase of a heart for the modest price of $100L. Without this heart - which you must wear - you cannot proceed or access any of the gallery rooms. A teleport away, you find yourself standing on what is surely the largest sword ever created.

Walk towards the tip of sword where Melodious' eye awaits you.

Inside, the flash of her camera consumes you...

... and you begin to fall.

... and that's where your journey really begins.

I won't spoil your experience by revealing more, but know this: touch torches... touch doors, and linger. Teleport directly from here.

Notably, Rezzable Productions encouraged Melodious to invite several guest artists to participate in the show. They include:

Phinn Boffin
DeeDee Deepdene
Shoshana Epsilon
Vint Falken
Flugel Flasheart
Tyfanny Flintoff
Maitreya Graves
Carmilla Mirabeau
Edward Mokeev
MasterDave Newman
Heroine Nouvel & Pestilence
CodeBastard Redgrave
RightAsRain Rimbaud
Collin Savon
Daequix Scarborough
Cienega Soon
Akira Seymour
Hio Taringa
Marquez Tone
Stephen Venkman

The new gallery space at The Cannery was created by many talented artists: Monn Laval, Andrek Lowell, Kaeli Candour, Rob Balder, Betlog Hax, Vint Falken and Foolish Frost.


Douglas Story said...

I wonder if Rezzable is still making people sign that egregious artist's agreement in order to exhibit at The Cannery... I hope they've modified it so that artists are no longer asked to sign away all rights to their work.

Anonymous said...

I've never had to pay to get into any event in SL so why would anyone pay L$100 to see photos that you can see on flickr for free?

Bettina Tizzy said...

If you disagree with something, why not take your position and sign your name to it, Anonymous? You are afraid of some sort of backlash? These are actually very nice people. A civilized discussion is entirely possible.

Anyway, easy to answer. $100L is a tiny sum, and I for one believe it is entirely justified. Why? Because everything about the gallery experience was created by people who make a living working in Second Life. They need to put food on the table and roofs over their heads in Real Life just as you do. Yes, there are many lovely galleries that are free throughout Second Life, but none offer *this* experience. If you don't want to pay $100L, that is your choice.

Have a nice weekend, and next time, please don't be afraid to sign your name. We won't eat you alive.

Anonymous said...

I didn't post a name, because I don't have an account with blogger or google.

It is not the amount that is at issue, it is the principle. I have never come across anywhere in second life, connect to inworld art, that has charged for entry. For an event to carry such a charge, it should involve something special, not just uploaded works from flickr.

Fair enough, people do earn their living in Second Life making content, however the actual 'experience' you are referring to is not built by the SL photographers.
You are paying to see the photos, which one can view for free on flickr. There are so many other experiences in SL that are similar the experience described just justify a charge for entrance.

All the great and varied artists blogged about here, to my knowledge, no charge an entrance fee to see their work. This seems like the promotion of a commercial venture.

- James D.

Bettina Tizzy said...

Welcome back James, though I still don't know who you are... I agree that you can see the photos on Flickr for free.

And yes, Rezzable Productions is a commercial venture.

If that commercial venture - and others that are focused on providing quality content in Second Life - do not succeed, many places and experiences that people in Second Life take for granted today, including - but not limited to - Greenies Home Rezzable, Crimson Rezzable, Surfline Rezzable, Toxic Rezzable, Black Swan Rezzable, and the Tunnel of Light Rezzable, not to mention The Cannery Rezzable, will cease to exist. They were all created by people who make a living through content creation in Second Life, and hired to do just that by that commercial venture: Rezzable Productions which, btw, pays tier on 30+ sims every month.

Now imagine a scenario where Rezzable were to succeed with your support and that of others. Wouldn't that encourage the participation of other commercial ventures, focused on quality content, and the creation of MORE cool places to hang out in, in Second Life?

Of course, if you still believe that asking for payment for participation of activities goes against your grain and philosophy about what the Second Life experience should be, that's fine, too. Just please consider your decision/opinion every time you TP into a Rezzable sim.

Weebit Offcourse said...

Bettina, I am SO glad I happened upon this post, and the entire NPIRL site in general.

/me clicks on RSS feed.

Hey Anonymous, have you ever bought a cool looking long black overcoat for your avatar? Or, maybe your avvie sports a shiny green hat? If so, then you HAVE paid for entry...entry into the exhibit that is SL. Maybe what you should say is that you would never charge folks to view your avatar, even if your green hat was the shiniest on the grid.

But, if I charge visitors to see my avatar, ...or image, ...or fantastically conceived and finely executed SL installation, then I would hope - should you prefer not to invest in such experiences - that you would just fly right on by.

Why complain?

BTW - One can sign a comment in a Blogger post:
1. Click Name/URL
2. Enter Avatar Name and URL (maybe a SLURL for where you hang that shiny green hat)
3. Click "Publish Your Comment"

It is so easy, even Weebit can do it.

As for anyone else reading this post and following these comments, visiting The Source may have been the most engaging experience in Weebit's short second life. (Granted, he usually just sits around in a sandbox staring at script error messages.)

Further, if you are not sure that The Source is worth that 37¢ price of admission (100$L), please contact me in world.

I'll treat.


RightAsRain said...

The admission ticket is our first pay to visit specific charge. What we are trying to understand is what is worth paying for in the virtual world. This particular project is a new art space with 8 imaginative rooms and more than 60 photographic images.

Melodious is unique and talented artist and the rooms are designed to add some spirit to her pieces. We are planning some music events now around these rooms as well -- the 7 Nights of Melodious .

What I think is also interesting here is the interaction of the visitor to rezz the room and images. How to make 2D art more engaging in a 3D world? We are also trying this for the .danone. show (which is free btw on Rezz 09 next to Crimson).

Refering to the comments about selling artists work...well actually we have decided not to represent artists at this time. We will only purchase exclusive full perm editions from artists and then sell. Otherwise, artist who exhibit stuff with us are free to sell on their own. In fact do artists need that much help to sell something in the virtual world? Also our experience with trying to sell 2D art was not so compelling as to continue with high effort. We are now letting artist run their own shows at the Cannery as well. Contact Vint Falken on this if interested!