Saturday, April 12, 2008

four Yip's improbable tableaux + you

Impossible IRL'er katy Polikarpov dropped me a splendid note earlier this week about a new artist's exhibit that had impressed her. She made it sound so interesting, that I rushed to take a look.

I have to agree with katy. four Yip's art is fresh and different, and unlike anything I've seen in Second Life before. All of her works juxtapose the avatar with ordinary objects in an unusual context - usually one of invisibility - that gives new meaning to familiar things.

four hails from Amsterdam, and makes illustrations and commercial work for ad agencies for a living. While she uses Photoshop frequently, she also does a lot of drawing.

One of the prevailing features in all of her works is that she invites the viewer to become part of the art and then plays with that, too. There is a reward in store for you - the participant - as well. You get to keep every single piece that is displayed there.

In addition to swooning over the actual concept behind this Wallflower piece, I must admit the shoes are fab, too!

four Yip: I like the "share" part. That's why I give most things away. I like to hear from others what they think or if they enjoy it so I get new ideas. If you give away, it reaches a large group, I think.

Being a wallflower is rather fun, I discovered

four has only been building for three months now, and is challenged by creating 3D objects, but her daring is in her concepts, and she seems well on her way to becoming an important player in the art market.

Are you very surreal in real life?

four Yip: Hmm, not sure. Just dreaming a lot. Maybe that's why, and I like the idea of your avi interacting with something you make. Making the impossible is the biggest fun. I like the whole idea of trying to find ideas that are possible in here.

Most of four Yip's exhibits invite you to take a seat on a poseball and suddenly a part of you disappears, or you are integrated into the art piece. As four pointed out, it works best if you are not wearing prim clothing. So, rather than play with what's visible, four creates inverse situations where much of the art (and you) is invisible.

four Yip: I think the whole invisbilty thing is too nice. When I found that invisibility script, I had to think of the Magritte paintings.

In an impromptu photo shoot, four modeled this display for me and shared, "It is one of my favorites, and makes me dream. You can sit on it, and you will have birds in your stomach."

To visit this exhibit, teleport directly from here and then, importantly, follow the coordinates of the landmark. The TP is forced to a central area of the island. Many thanks, too, to yet another Impossible IRL'er, waelya Tenk , who is hosting four Yip's exhibit on her land.


Arahan Claveau said...

Her work is excellent work. Thanks for telling me about this Bettina.

Seraphine said...

OH Gaa, I *LOVE that! What a fun fun creative idea. Awesome. I want to go.
Ik lieb nederlanders!

Arahan Claveau said...

Argh my english is terrible above haha