Friday, April 4, 2008

That's just weird

In the WTH department, there is this silly video about JoHan Glenville's use of bots to explore their non-commercial purposes in his "Arts and Projects."

I'm still not clear if Johan meant "crowded silence," or "crowed silence," but it is apparent that he views his Second Life experience as one big performance piece. He often congratulates people on the 200th-day and 300th-day anniversary of their birth in Second Life.

I still prefer GM Kurosawa's prim-based approach.


Udge Watanabe said...

Very impressive! I would love to be there and feel that sea of avbots surging around me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dont be silly! If you watch the film, you'll see Johan meant "crowded silence"! 'Crowed' was just a type mistake! It ***IS*** weird you didnt realise that!

Simondo Nebestanka said...

It's a shame the frames-per-second was so low (due to all those avies I guess), but there's something unusually beautiful about that video.

Anonymous said...

Is there any more documentation about JoHan's sim of crowded silence ?
Its so fantastic - but he left the game afaik.
Any videos, pictures ?