Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh, Chouchou!

In a few hours, Chouchou - the post-pop/alternative musical group that exists only in Second Life - will open their new sim to the public. There is no build to speak of there, and yet, it is a masterpiece. The setting is the seashore... a place so pristine that it has only been touched by the tides. Like the HUD that is offered there - take it and wear it instantly - the effect is cinematic, poetic, and not unlike the feeling one has upon returning to a beach after a great storm. The air is electric... and ethereal.

juliet Heberle and arabesque Choche at Chouchou

Being with juliet and arabesque is like being with spirits. Pale yet strong, they dramatize the scenery. juliet is slim, breakable and girlish. arabesque is in posession of himself and all that surrounds him. Their dynamic is so balanced it leaves me in awe. Ying and Yang. To seek further meaning would spoil it.

This week they will release two songs, in addition to the instrumental in the video I featured here yesterday. How to describe Rafflesia? It has the double vision of the Beatles' "She's leaving home," and elegant electronica. Heterotopia is music to drive by, to live by.

Oh, Chouchou, you are going to rise to the top so fast... like comets, you will. This is no hype.

When it is open, you may teleport to Chouchou directly from here.


qarl said...

Bettina - i completely agree. Chouchou is hot.