Thursday, April 10, 2008

Announcing... more than just a build festival... it's "The Garden of NPIRL Delights!"

May 15th Update: The show opens to the public tomorrow, Friday, May 16th! You can read all about it here, and see a partial listing of the participants here.

May 11th Update: Just to let everyone know that there is no more room at the inn and we are not taking on any more new builders, but thanks for your interest, everyone! Also, opening day will be May 16th. We look forward to seeing everyone there. More on this on the blog soon.

Rezzable Productions and the Not Possible IRL group have joined forces to hold a large-scale two month extravaganza loosely themed around “The Garden of NPIRL Delights.”

This isn't just about building. It's about giving content creators free reign to further discover their creative might *flex!* and the opportunity to shape our virtual world in ways that... yea, you got it, would not be possible in Real Life.

Taking a page from that madman and artist, Hieronymus Bosch, Rezzable and NPIRL invite you to help us conceive and construct the NPIRL Garden of our collective dreams, spanning four sims to illustrate: the Underworld, Earth, and Paradise.

Click to see large (pretty crazy stuff here)

This is not about recreating Bosch's Garden. It's about imagining and crafting your own. If you were to journey into heaven or hell, what would this look like, and how might you make this as immersive as possible? Think Dante's "Divine Comedy," but with your own twist. And what are the earthlings doing that might force them into the depths of the underworld or paradise?

Don't limit yourself to looking at this from a Biblical sense. Create your interpretation and own it. It could take place in any era: past, present or future. If you like, you can use it to cross-promote a current build, but this must be original work.

When: Building will commence April 27 and must be completed by May 14 - Tear down: June 23, 2008

Prim and height allocations: 500 prims per person; possibly more if you collaborate on a team. There will be 3 layers with variations on the theme in effect -underworld, earth, paradise. We will terraform for you - up to 200m - but you must specify this in your proposal. Sky-builds are also acceptable.

Organization: The festival will be self-organized and set-up to encourage idea-exchanges, group collaborations and creative freedom for the development of original works.

In other words, play nice. We reserve to right to boot anyone out if we think they aren't being ladies and gents.

How to participate: Send us a general description of your build concept before April 26th (first come, first served) via email to: Be sure to tell us what type of build you are undertaking (underworld, earth, paradise), if you will need terraforming, and how high you will need for the build to be. This will help us to determine where we will position your build for better overall balance.

Serious stuff:
• Anything overtly offensive: hate/porn/obscenities/too gross will instantly disqualify you and your work will be returned without further ado
* You must own the rights to all the materials you use
• All rights to the creations remain the sole property of the artist
• Photographs, video and any event materials depicting your work may be distributed in-world and on the web by Rezzable Productions and Not Possible IRL.
• Artists may set items for purchase but no signage to that effect may be displayed

Looking forward to this!
RightasRain Rimbaud and Bettina Tizzy


Shiny Iceberg said...

Looking forward to visit the place finally. Great project. BTW you can fix your link to mail for submitting the participation request.

Bettina Tizzy said...

Hallo Shiny... We're certainly looking forward to hearing your proposal. Thanks for the heads up on the messed up link. The correct email address to send proposals to is It will reach both RightasRain Rimbaud, and me. Lots of proposals have already come in just fine!

Opensource Obscure said...

Great idea!

This is not about recreating Bosch's Garden - got it; however, should someone need it, here are two links to the same image at a slightly better resolution and to other Bosch's work images:

Opensource Obscure said...

Correct links: image - Bosch's works

RaR said...

inworld info at the entrance to the Dump area:


Roc Furse said...

And an article in SLNN about the festival:

Bettina Tizzy said...

Opensource, thank you for that additional info! Much appreciated.

Roc, I keep meaning to write you to thank you for your article, and to let you know that thanks to it, we will have several installations that touch on the Limbo theme.