Monday, April 14, 2008

Chakryn Forest up for auction

Photo by Wellington Bahram

I hope you will forgive me for using this forum to share a personal item with you. One year ago, Andrek Lowell and I began the concept work for Chakryn Forest. Today, the Chakryn that sits at Dreamworld SE is actually in its third version, with many modifications and improvements.

A good friend has offered me a void sim, and Andrek Lowell has agreed to build me a new forest, and so it appears it is time to move on, which makes both Andrek and me a little bit sad, as Chakryn has come to mean a great deal to both of us. You can see many beautiful photographs of Chakryn Forest taken by Second Lifers, here. You can visit it by teleporting directly from here.

Chakryn is too special to destroy if it can be preserved, and for this reason, I have decided to put Chakryn up for silent auction. Here is the information:

* 19,456 sq m
* 4,453 prims
* Dreamworld SE sim, owned by Count Burks
* Count Burks is a trustworthy sim owner.

Final sale will include:
* The land
* The forest
* Treehouse
* Grotto
* * One extra copy of both the forest and the treehouse, no mod, no trans, no copy.

Final Sale will not include:
* Any furniture or art
* The flying red hawk
* The name "Chakryn Forest"

Starting price: $250 US Dlls.
Auction ends: Sunday, April 20 at 12 Noon SLT
Submit bids and questions to me via email at

chakryn for sale


Anonymous said...

What? You don't get the art along with the purchase??? But the photos on the walls of your place are SO beautiful!