Saturday, April 5, 2008

During the intermission... some prose from Bjorlyn Loon

So, drats! Still cannot log in, but I did find this nugget in my in-box from Bjorlyn Loon. Thanks for making me smile, Bjorlyn!

Once upon a time, long, long ago, a Linden mistakenly named a 12 foot pine tree a 12 foot palm and placed it in everyone's Library. When planted, resident landscapers saw right away it was a pine, so the diligent among us renamed it "pine" in inventory and went right along planting it. In the last client update, the error was corrected, but rather than changing the name "palm" to "pine," they changed the tree itself from pine to palm, and suddenly palm trees appeared across the land. Where once we had pines named palms, now we have palms named pines, and a tropic breeze blows through the temperate woodlands.

The moral of this parable: If you try to palm off pines as palms, you'll leave people pining away for pines.


Princess Ivory said...

OMG - I know the trees of which you speak. Tell me it isn't true. They wouldn't really be *that* stupid, would they? April Fool's day is past. :)

/me wanders away, wishing she could login and check the status of SL's forests. Maybe she will have pine trees in her tropical island retreat when she next logs in! If she doesn't upgrade to the new viewer (using Nicholaz's BE-v for as long as she can), will she see palms where everyone else sees pines? Good thing she's not a professional landscaper!

(and my husband, Alphonsus Peck, queries: "if someone plants a tree in the forest and no one sees it, is it a palm or a pine?")