Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rent a philosopher :P

I rarely spend any money in-world other than on tips and tier, but here is a must have service, from the mind of Ollix Biedermann, CEO of SL PHILO. :D


Have your own 20th century philosopher! Have the best intellectual conversations without the need to attend a university to meet interesting people. SL Philo is the ultimate service for having a 20th century philosopher without effort. Impress your friends by having one at your Rezday party! Help your primchilds with their homework! We can provide a wide range of models starting from postmodernists to phenomenologists, from poststruturalists to the classical marxists. Model displayed: MICHEL FOUCAULT

The Michel Foucault edition

On Ollix's Flickr page, I was offered a choice of models:

1. Heidegger
2. Wittgenstein
3. Jean François Lyotard
4. Jean Baudrillard
5. Jacques Derrida
6. Michel Foucault
9. Gilles Deleuze
10. Cristiano Ronaldo

Note to self: I need to find out what 7 and 8 are all about!

When I inquired further into this intriguing service, Ollix replied, "This concept was done just for fun, but I think I will develop more avatars of philosophers of the 20th century. I would like to create a escort service for intellectuals, recruiting the persons with the highest IQs in SL to be behind the avatars. :)"

Hmm. I might have to exchange more dollars for Lindens.