Sunday, April 6, 2008

Morsels of wonderfulness

Some builds are not large enough or are too Possible in Real Life (PIRL) to deserve a feature here in and of themselves, but they are also too special for one reason or another to exclude. For this reason, allow me to present here - in encapsulated form - three morsels from Second Life.

juliet Heberle's Wee Chouchou Outpost

While it shouldn't be compared with Chouchou's new flagship sim or Islamey, if there were an upper East Side (speaking Manhattan-ese here) in Second Life, Broadmead would be it, and Juliet Heberle's Chouchou room at Broadmead is sparcely furnished but it is so juliet! (teleport directly from here). She tells me that she is nowhere near done here, but it is so lovely, my feelings are "why wait?"

The particles at Chouchou Broadmead are sweet.

Hop on the swing and stay a while. Oh, and don't forget to turn your stream on... you'll hear the new Chouchou songs!

The Bedtime Story City at Nakama

The storybook city at Nakama is not a new build, but this whimsical place created by Neil Protagonist (rez: 7/11/2003) should be visited all the same (teleport directly from here)

I often sit with the kitties (hello!) and do my IMing from the rainbow.

Nakama is fanciful and while there is not much to explore, it's downright cheerful.

There are details here and there that remind me of children's storybooks, such as the tunnel.

Primouth Cars, Toys and Dinosaurs

I live in Los Angeles, home of an automotive museum that I love to visit, the Petersen. It came to mind immediately when I saw Primouth (teleport directly from here).

It's clear that creator ahkenatan Grommet (rez: 1/8/2005) is hardly concerned with prim count, though he does make his highly detailed vehicles wearable, and the physics limited to the wheels, thereby getting around the issue of that 30-prim limit per vehicle. ahkenatan is also known for his dinosaurs and cartoon robots, which are super well done.

Thanks to Ende Noel for turning me onto this place!

The Primouth cars may be vintage, but I'd like one of each, please.

Just some of the Primouth robots