Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby found at Black Swan

Rezzable Productions' RightasRain Rimbaud (aka Jon Himoff) sent me an offline that read, "I got a big surprise to show you... you gonna flip really..." Who could resist such an invite? I logged in.

His teleport took me to Black Swan (teleport directly from here), the mysterious and fantastical sim created by Light Waves when he made his re-entry into Second Life® after an even more mysterious and much morned absence. Black Swan has been the center of considerable controversy recently, since Rezzable added an entry area and began charging $199L for admission.

Intriguingly, the creator of this baby is not Light Waves, but Unreal McCoy (rez: 4/29/2004). "Who is this artist?" I asked RAR, as he is affectionately called. There was a long pause before I got an answer. "The artist prefers that the focus be on the art." Oh, I do so love a mystery!

RAR mentioned that the sculpture is on sale and for the special price of $5,000L today. Tomorrow that will go up.


rhj said...


How many alts does one guy need?
This one is just too easy to trace.
Of course the work is beautiful-
all of his work is.

My question is- who are they trying to fool and why?

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHA I know right?
Ah well rezzable needs a hand where they can get it

Anonymous said...

Who are they trying to fool?
You. The consumer.

Rezzable is sinking.
Maybe if Rain was less caught up complaining and blaming LL for everything and more focused on fair pay and smaller condensed projects of good teams with original and interactive places that form communities and enviornments for people to thrive in instead of turning everything into a mall.....

Maybe they wouldn't need to cling to black swan so hard.

Unknown said...

Actually the infamous "Unreal McCoy" is just one of the same who doesnt like to be bothered, he has so many alts because he hates being immed and wants to be able to work in peace and silence - which for someone so "public" its almost an oxymoron. But as was said, its quite easy to trace back all of this individuals alts, its only a matter of intuition and inspection of ones work with open eyes and a closed mouth.