Sunday, May 18, 2008

Self-hypnosis and Bryn Oh's "Steamgarden"

The moment I saw this video, I thought of Bryn Oh and her clockwork sculptures. The next moment, I found myself gazing in a semi-hypnotic state. And the next moment, I thought surely I had self-hypnotized myself. Having trouble getting to sleep? Want to command yourself to do something you've been procrastinating on? Watch this!

As seen on Gizmodo via Brad Litwin via Boing Boing

But back to Bryn... Her "Steamgarden" installation at the Garden of NPIRL Delights (teleport directly from here), is inspired by the third panel of the triptych "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Bosch - depicting Hell - and represents her view on the industrial dehumanization of society. As Bryn put it, "the intention was to create a mood of disquiet and anxiety mixed with elements of beauty."

In Real Life, Bryn is a professional oil painter living in Toronto, Canada.

In Second Life®, she has already made quite a name for herself, exhibiting her thoughtful creations throughout the grid. Her work still shows up (and delights the finders) in sandboxes, but you can see her current installations at the Museum of Natural History (teleport directly from here), the Swedish Resource Centre, Primtings (teleport directly from here), The Great Exhibition, SLMoCA (teleport directly from here), and of course, the Garden of NPIRL Delights.

She is also a resident artist at Caerleon Island (teleport directly from here), an important artist collective featuring the works of many other artists I admire, in addition to several of Bryn's important pieces and a fantastic underground installation she created.

Just look at the detail on the plaque of clockwork sculpture. The tiny bug is animated!

The "motor" of the clockwork piece is fired by the hard work of several insects.

Inside, a music box... You can open and close the wings.

Overview of Bryn Oh's "Steamgarden"