Monday, May 5, 2008

KK Jewell reports on an unforgettable Chouchou concert

Real Life! I still love it, despite my obsession with my Second One, but on Sunday I was especially vexed with it, as it and my Internet provider stood in the way of my attending an event I had looked forward to for weeks. KK Jewell (aka Kirsten Kiser), a NPIRLer, an architect, curator and the publisher of arcspace - a wildly popular online architecture and design magazine - was able to go and subsequently sent over her review.

KK, by the way, is running a competition on her arcspace sim in-world (teleport directly from here), for the design of an Eco-Friendly Community, together with ecolandnow, in collaboration with INBAR - International Network for Bamboo and Rattan and Bamboo Technologies and Bamboo Living Homes. The winners, selected by an international jury in Second Life® and Real Life, as well as by public vote, will be invited to assist with the very real construction in China or Hawaii. Captivated by the bamboo forest at arcspace, Flory Watanabe has been taking some eye-popping photos there, which you can see here and here. I appreciate your sharing this with us, KK.

by KK Jewell

We get invited to many live events in Second Life and sometimes find it impossible to go. Sunday's concert by fellow NPIRLers juliet Heberle and arabesque Choche, better known as Chouchou, is one I am glad I did not miss.

Their new sim by the same name - Chouchou - and their club, Islamey, are extraordinarily beautiful (teleport directly from here), as are juliet's voice and arabesque's music.

The concert lasted two hours and I did not see anyone leave... a few crashes yes, but they came back:)

Unfortunately, I did not use Chouchou’s HUD which I've been told, set on concert mode, makes the concert even more cinematic. You can pick up a HUD at the TP point as you come into the sim. Touch the black flower there.

The Japanese group Chouchou was formed to search for new possibilities of music and only exists in Second Life.

All NPIRLers who did not go missed something you will only hear in Second Life and, in addition, will surely be punished by the Evil Slavedriver Bettina (Douglas Story says it is Bettina's official title:):)

Editor's Note: That's the last reference to that title that will make it into this blog. LOL