Monday, May 19, 2008

Madcow Cosmos' "Heterotroph" at the Garden

Visible from almost any point in the Garden of NPIRL Delights, Madcow Cosmos' "Heterotroph" is, in his words, "A vision of hell based on the act of consumption. Nothing is returned, nothing created; only violence and consumption rule the day. A heterotroph is an organism that feeds off of another, or its byproducts (so both herbivores and carnivores), as opposed to an autotroph which produces its own energy from the environment (photosynthesis for example)."

In Real Life, Madcow is a chef in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Initially drawn by the simple-to-use creation tools, Second Life® fulfilled his life-long desire to make three dimensional virtual art.

Nebulosus Severine's jewel-like "CM Pauluh" can also be seen in this photograph

While he hasn't had any formal training in 3D rendering software, or other artistic background aside from the culinary, he enjoys working with art of almost any nature on an amateur level.

Madcow says that the inspiration for much of his art comes from "an overactive imagination and a love of science, fantasy, and myths."

When not "hopelessly distracted building," Madcow enjoys helping others build and "petting the cats that are walking across (my) keyboard." He invites you to enjoy his work by climbing on it, photographing it, or "performing any act upon it that won't get you banned (and arguably a few that might)."

One of the sections of the piece gives out a freebie avatar. Teleport directly from here.