Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chouchou "Islamey" - a club (and a video) that define Cloud Nine

Update: Landmark given has changed! Please teleport from here, and then walk through the tunnel and touch the crystal ball.

I'm not much of a clubber. It's not that I don't enjoy music and dancing... but I'm generally too caught up with visiting builds and builders. This morning, though, Machinimator and artist Evo Szuyuan alerted me to the handsomest little club in the sky, called Chouchou "Islamey" (teleport directly from here, and then walk through the tunnel and touch the crystal ball). It's not a new build, but I am so glad to know it and take pleasure in sharing it with you.

This Japanese jewel box in the sky was assembled with several of NPIRLer Julia Hathor's delicate winter trees (teleport directly from here), as well as textures by yuki aabye. Julia's four sims, by the way, are devoted to her remarkable store called Creative Fantasy Home & Garden , which is brimming with so many beautiful things! More on that soon...

Chouchou is also a musical group which exists only in Second Life, with band members juliet Heberle and arabesque Choche. Here is their newest music video, shot on location, featuring the dreamy, magical piece "coma."

"coma" Music Video - Chouchou

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Dizzy Banjo said...

That is beautiful !

am raido said...

Incredible detail and heart felt love of the medium.

CB said...

absolutely stunning! *claps*


Skye Donardson said...

Wow, that is just incredibly beautiful.

River Gray said...


The video is amazing, and the song just absolutely blew me away....I was totaly unprepared for somethign that wonferful...thank you!!!

Bettina Tizzy said...

River! Islamey is closed right now, but juliet Heberle and arabesque Choche (Chouchou) have opened a new sim that is to-die-for. You can read about it here: They also have a new video.

When you go to Chouchou, the sim, don't forget to take the HUD offered there, and wear it! It is one of the most amazing experiences in SL right now.

Spring Islamey will be opening soon :)