Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Playing with tornadoes... courtesy of Tryptofaa Sands

I've been delinquent in my research and blogging because I've been having too much fun. It's all Avi Arrow's fault for owning a tornado, all Jurin Juran's fault for tp'ing me to see it, and especially Tryptofaa Sands' fault for making this too-entertaining toy. I got so carried away, literally, that all my photographs were a disaster, but fortunately can share this video with you by Dimitrio Lewis instead. Forget the first part... you get a better idea of the drama a bit later in the vid. Osprey Therian, creator of some of my favorite Machinima, has captured a few of our antics on her camera and I hope to at least point you to her vid soon.

You can purchase your own 40-meter sculpted Tornado HUD V2.0 on SLEX or drop by Tornado Island (teleport directly from here) and pick one up there.


Anonymous said...

I'd heard about these a while back, and then when I saw Ossprey's pics on her blog, well i just knew I had to have one.

And it is magnificent. Oh yes.

Tryptofaa Sands said...

Thanks very much for the post Bettina! Much appreciated, and glad you enjoyed yourself :)

Bettina Tizzy said...

*shakes fist at Tryptofaa* Too much fun, I tell you... Too much fun!