Sunday, February 10, 2008

The one, the only, Sabine Stonebender: Flickr group SL Picture.Pile.Ups gives me a helping hand

Sabine Stonebender is one of the brightest stars - a true original - in Second Life. Yesterday, I had the good fortune to spend fascinating hours with her, as I am preparing to profile her soon. I took the opportunity to snap some pics, but when I reviewed them, my shortcomings as both a photographer and a post-producer glared right back at me. What to do? And then I had a brainstorm... I turned to a very active Flickr group founded by Miabella Foxley that I have been following with growing admiration - SL Picture.Pile.Ups - and submitted this shot.

Sabine's incredible skin in my shot is lost in darkness

The SL Picture.Pile.Ups, which boasts 357 members, explains the process this way in its charter, "Each new pile-up begins with a post in the discussion section. Take that picture and add to it in Photoshop.. maybe some effects? a background?? w/e floats your boat... then repost so another person can take your addition and add to it... get it??"

KadeKlata Karson was the first to come to my rescue to spectacular effect.

Luna Zolnir, whose gorgeous photography has been featured on this blog on more than one occasion, followed suit with her take.

Not long after, Suzanne Graves blew me away with this rendition...

All this happened in less than half a day! What a group! Many thanks for their time and generosity.