Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Great news for Machinima makers: Lip sync in Second Life is now possible

Evo Szuyuan is an expert on visualization and information applications, not to mention a terrific artist and Machinima maker.

Evo has alerted me to some exciting information that is especially relevant to Machinimators and voice users, which I take pleasure in sharing with you here. While Second Life now offers Voice Chat, avatars' lips are lifeless. Now Mm Alder has implemented a Babble loop for voice visualization that makes lip sync possible in Second Life. Creative Machinery is hosting the binaries for Windows here. The code may be downloaded from the JIRA. To understand how it works, please refer to Mm Alder's wiki. Thanks for the tip, Evo!

By the by... if you are like me and do not understand what JIRA stands for, it is a Java EE web-based bug tracking and issue tracking application developed by Atlassian Software Systems, and used by Linden Lab.