Thursday, July 30, 2009

The many faces of Nur Moo

Posted by Bettina Tizzy
© All rights reserved on images by Nur Moo

Some people are just effortlessly cool, like that kid in grade school who got all A's or 100s in homework without ever studying. Nur Moo is a virtual chameleon in Second Life® who lives a colorful pixelated existence (and I'm not referring to the RGB scale), ranging from patron saint to artists, to hipster who's A list parties at her acclaimed Poetik Velvets are sumptuous experiments in fun, to photographer and legitimate artist in her own right who totally gets that we're not in Kansas anymore.

Nur is often the protagonist in her photography, and her self-portraits are both intimate and instant theater, employing the latest creations by Second Life's leading fashion and fantasy designers to tell a new story. We can't be sure if she is disguising herself or revealing all, but of one thing we are certain: We want to look.

"The experience of immersion into a virtual world is as individual as the person sitting at the computer. One may log in just to experience it - like a game, another to create a replica of their favourite places off the grid, another to step into the shoes of a character from a book they read. Poetik is not that kind of experience. Its creators and participants cover a spectrum of personalities, visions and motivations, but the overriding common thread is the desire to seek ways in which to express a sort of remix of the real world and the virtual. Second Life has its technological limitations, but it is of course far more malleable to the whims of the imaginations of its denizens." - Nur

"Poetik is an organic entity emerging from binary, strings of codes and rows of pixels that can be directly influenced by the artists who have created wordless, changeable, beautiful things for the enjoyment of all. Simply attending an event or going on your own to explore an immersive piece of art can be enough to stir the emotions and inspire the artist hidden within every living creature, reawakening the fearless expression we might not have felt since we were children." - Nur

In real life, Nur is a graphic and fashion designer living in Parma, Italy.

You can view more of Nur's images on her Flickr stream, or teleport to her galleries at Poetik Velvets from here.


Trindolyn Beck said...

awesome article, Bettina...

Nur is a verrrrrry creative lady, no doubt.

NURMOO said...

Thanx a lot Bettina!! I am so honored;))I love your article a great surprise ;)

Bettina Tizzy said...

Thanks, Trin... And she sure is.

NUR! I love the blogpost, too! The photographs anyway :) Thank you for them.

Gita said...

Nur's inventiveness and amazing grasp of graphics always leaves me breathless, astonished or just totally amused. She is such an amazing force in SL, one of it's true artists.

And she is a fantastic grounded person as well.

Thank you for the article Bettina!