Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Burning Life with Nectere Niven - Just a peek

The main build here is clever... funny! Lester and son look on while the world's guts are plumbed for oil. Meanwhile both of these characters open and close eyes, Lester clears his throat, and...

(son farts) Lester: Son! We are in public! On second thought, bottle that, we may need it some day!

Lester: On an average day, American drivers eat up nearly 7 billion miles of pavement - roughly the distance to Pluto and back - getting where they want to be. In the process, they consume enough oil to fill more than 150 supertankers.

Lester: The average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year. Annual copy paper use in the U.S. consumes enough wood to build nearly 1 million average homes, and releases pollution equal to over 2 million cars. So much for the paperless office.

Lester: It takes ninety eight tons (88,000 kg) of prehistoric buried plant material to produce each U.S. gallon (3.9 liters) of gasoline, I wonder how much it takes to make your tennis shoes.

Lester: Did you know, sorbic acid, the only actual preservative in Twinkies, comes from petroleum?
Slurl: Event has ended.