Saturday, September 29, 2007

Karma in Second Life is certain: Whatever you don't do, won't come back to you - Thursday's Fictions

NPIRL'er Gary Hazlitt's new sim, Thursday's Fictions, raises the bar for everyone on how to plan before you rez a prim. This is also a highly recommended visit for a very new kind of experience in SL.

[18:21]  Gary Hazlitt: The build (so far) was done very quickly in about 5 days, but so much thought was put into it. As director of the Australian Laboratory for Advanced Media Production, I get to work with the best writers and thinkers in this area. The original idea for the piece in SL came from Richard James Allen who wrote a book, which then was a stage play and then a dance film.
[18:23]  Gary Hazlitt: The (piece is about) this person who only lives for a day, and keeps getting reincarnated.
[18:24]  Gary Hazlitt: So it was a wonderful opportunity to experiment a little - not just with the idea - but with entrenched ideas already in SL. Second Life, by implication, is about reincarnation, or at least a parallel existence that you can go in without context ;-)

[18:26]  Gary Hazlitt: The work is planned but not yet finished. There will be 7 more lives created and the team has already planned the themes. The fun part comes in implementing them with an SL context, but also keeping true to the original story.

[18:28]  Gary Hazlitt: But the karmic themes are most suited to something that feels in turmoil. Purgatory is a waiting room so the main hallways are places where you consider your life.
[18:29]  Gary Hazlitt: so it works way beyond just the stories of the characters - you are the one who has to asks questions of yourself and the surreality of the environment is meant to make you feel a little uneasy and want to stop and think, question mortality, transhumanism, your own psychology, spirituality and so on.

[18:31]  Gary Hazlitt: The other lives will be very exciting, partly going into someone else's mind, and some will be quite 'challenging' in setting difficult challenges so you can be reborn again. I think films like Wings of Desire, Waking Life, Waking Life, Defending Your Life, What Dreams May Come, and others like that will be reflected, too.

The four laws of Karma are:
1- Karma is certain. 
2- Karma expands. 
3- If you 'do it', it will come back to you. What you sow, so shall ye reap.  You can't plant a tomato seed and expect to get olives.  
4- If you don't 'do it', it won't come back to you.  Everything that is happening to you is a result of your past actions."   
Creators: Richard James (Jiva Allen in SL) and Screendance Allen (SL)
SL designer/builder: Gary Hazlitt (SL) 
Story consultant: Rock Sonic (SL)

SLURL: Thursday's Fictions