Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gazira Babeli, Adam Ramona, and that place where they converge: The Odyssey Project

This is Part 1 of a bigger/stronger/faster version of a notice that was issued in-world to NPIRL members on September 7th

After a long and well-attended stretch at the Odyssey Project's ExhibitA Gallery, Gazira Babeli, the artist/code performer who was the inspiration (luv ya and all you do, Gaz!) for the Not Possible IRL group, has relocated her Collateral Damage show to Locusolus Island. Thank heavens for that; a Second Life without this show would come down a bunch of notches on the Oh.My.God. scale. BTW, I consider this to be - easily - one of the Top Five things to see in Second Life.

If you haven't seen Collateral Damage, or need to revisit it as I often do, scamper over there and allow her to confuse, disturb, and totally crack you up. Take friends! NOTE: You *must* interact with each exhibit to get the full effect.

Again, consider yourself warned... leave the chairs on the wall for last, unless you have a twisted sense of humor. :P
Slurl: Collateral Damage

Gazira has been away from SL for over a month, so we are reassured and happy to see this unconventional talent's name in bold on our friends list again. Consider her critically acclaimed and real world film festival favorite "Gaz of the Desert," a surreal 23 min Machinima created entirely in-world in March of this year. While it echoes Luis Bunuel's "Simon of the Desert," it brilliantly introduces the very new complexities and temptations of life in the metaverse. The flick stars Gazira herself, as well as another NPIRL'er, Chi5 Shenzhou, among others.

Meanwhile, the Odyssey Project, under the pioneering direction of one the hippest peeps I know in this or any life, Sugar Seville, continues to break ground... now showing Adam Ramona's (aka: Adam Nash IRL) visual and auditory triumph, Seventeen Unsung Songs , a mesmerizing installation of post-convergent interactive audiovisual 3D art, and also one of the four winners of the Austrian Architecture and Design contest affiliated with the UNESCO.

Slurl: The Odyssey Project presents Seventeen Unsung Songs