Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Far Away

That landscape of a straight line
We return because the emptiness is immense
Words echo against grey skies
Twilight in an afternoon coat


Anonymous said...

Lovely words Bettina.

Chairs in midair in most contexts would imply some violent activity. Chairs in midair break windows during a house fire when one is trying to escape. They fly perhaps during a bar brawl, or a terrible storm. There's that moment, in midair when the chair is no longer a chair, and it becomes at that moment what we need it to be. Thus in all things we can find an alternate reality, a use and definition we did not expect, manifested by requirement, and the parameters of reality expanded. No matter how brief, all things can become possible rather than not possible in real life.

Bettina Tizzy said...

The words drifted upwards
How many times will I look inside you?
There, the universe is unbounded
If you move, the air moves
Stand there, then,
a portrait of melancholy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful expressed words from both of you, which brightened my day today....and a really nicely done pic of the chairs, Bettina.