Saturday, January 26, 2008

Forget Snow White's apple. For righteously grim fruit, turn to Nomasha Syaka

In addition to making highly detailed guitars that would have made Stevie Ray Vaughan or Hendrix proud, Nomasha Syaka famously creates things of classic or natural beauty. There's his first-rate take on Michelangelo's David, and the sculpted prim horses we now all have in our inventories by default, and of course, his life-like animated tigers.

But it turns out that his endlessly inventive mind can take some interesting detours... To begin this five minute stop-over, teleport directly from here, and follow the trail of apples.

Select "eat me" on the last apple and enjoy the ride.

I won't show you what happens next 'cause it would spoil your fun. Suffice it to say that Nomasha's morbidly playful creation forces you to become both the observer and the victim as you watch yourself being blended and broken up into bloody bits, all the while blithely scoring the cinematic experience with the cheerful tune, "I'm sitting on top of the world..."

Here, White Lebed is in for a surprise.

Nomasha thoughtfully provides a hospital bed for you to rest and recuperate after the joy ride.

Thanks to my sis, Tayzia Abattoir, for sharing this delightful horror with me.