Sunday, January 27, 2008

Looking to Real Life for NPIRL inspiration: Warning! Real life peeps... you might be on my hit list

If I had to point to one phrase that will instantly cause me to lose respect for a person, it is to hear them utter the words "I'm bored." Whether in the metaverse or in Real Life, creativity is buzzing and I cannot comprehend not wanting to be a part of it. The people who are the least bored fascinate me, and there are plenty out there... everywhere.

In our excitement over what is taking place in virtual worlds, we can sometimes take on a patronizing air and completely disregard what is taking place elsewhere. Not any more. Be it known, I'm making a list. Yes, it's a hit list. Some people had just better hurry up and get in-world 'cause oh, the things that will happen then... and I'm going after 'em.

I might add that my own pixelated friends keep sharing their finds, not realizing that they are becoming my co-conspirators, aiding and abetting me in my spree.

Douglas Story , co-creator of the DynaFleur, gave me an ultimatum. Either I attend the Murakami show at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles or... Oh, I know I'm safe and he'll still be speaking with me long after the exhibit is dismantled on February 12th, whether I get myself over there or not, but I welcome his impassioned determination. Quite frankly, he's right. What we are doing in virtual worlds is not the be all, end all, even though it's damn hot.

Dear Takashi Murakami... What is taking you so long? Kindly introduce yourself when you take the plunge into virtual worlds. I'm here to assist you in any way I can.

Earlier this week, thomtrance O'toole , NPIRL's OpenSim champion, slipped me the link to Jared Tarbell's Complexification Flash art site.

Object cell by Jared Tarbell

The Sand dollar images are the artist's personal favorites.

Substrate by Jared Tarbell

Dear Jared Tarbell: The 3D Internet will soon be the standard for communications and creativity. Why wait? We are here to welcome you in your next life.

My friends know that je suis tellement fatigué of 2D images, and that I would be among the first to hop up the tower to ring the death knoll for flat, but there are exceptions to the rule and Josh Sommers' photography falls under that category.

Purple flower Droste by Josh Sommers

Spare parts by Josh Sommers

Desperation by Josh Sommers

Dear Josh Sommers: Allow me to repeat what I have already said to you... With your talent, you would simply rock and rule in a world where there are literally hundreds of thousands of content creators.

...and this is just the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post - NPIRL will soon enough need a name - how about NPPIRL? (Not Previously Possible in Real Life)?

And I think if Jared showed up in SL we should throw the party to end all parties. He'd spin not-possibilities like gossamer.

Thea said...

I'd add Kim Koester, Richard Schumann, Stephan Schulz and Johannes Buenemann -the makers of 99 rooms, a strangely compelling and interactive web project.